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Planting schemes

Bring your garden to life throughout the year

Whilst you might not use your garden as much in Autumn and Winter as you do in Spring and Summer, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your garden all year round. Broadleaf Landscapes design planting schemes to change with the seasons and give your garden visual interest all year round.

You probably have a clear idea of the overall style you want for your garden whether that be a minimalist and contemporary urban garden or something more traditional. However you may not have the time or inclination to research a planting scheme. Let us use our extensive horticultural expertise to develop a planting scheme for you that will look great all year round. Broadleaf Landscapes will combine shape, textures and colours to create a planting scheme that will look stunning whatever the season.

Our planting schemes also reflect the practical side of how you will use your garden. We select plants that will be suitable for the amount of time you have available to maintain your garden and also consider which types of plant are suitable for children or pets. We can also recommend particular plants if you would you like to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden.

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“George did a great job on my decking and shed, working long hours and was a complete perfectionist about his work. He gave me options always on costings which was important to me, and was good at clearing up at the end of the day.”
Camilla, The Drive, Hove
“Broad Leaf Landscapes has transformed my garden eyesore into an urban oasis. George had the vision and skills to create something sleek and stylish, but also child-friendly, in a pretty small space. Our garden is the envy of many friends (“it’s like you have a little bit of Ibiza!”) and is now my energetic toddler’s “favourite room in the house.”
Holly, Hayter Road, London
“Having a beautiful garden is as important to me as having a clean house. It has made such a difference to my boys to have somewhere to play and be outside, and your clever design means my garden is practical for two young children but I haven’t had to compromise on how it looks. Thank you.”
Martha, Ladies Mile Road, Brighton